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On… the road?

[Tesla] New Semi truck announced!

[WTF] Nice. Gonna be quite long once you attach a trailer behind the battery pack though, no?


On Company Mottos

[Airport Tannoy] … your baggage will be removed and may be destroyed.

[WTF] That was a Mission Statement announcement on behalf of the Heathrow Baggage Handlers Union.

On Fairytale Sluts

[WTF] Aaah, Rapunzel. Now there was a girl who knew how to let her hair down…

On Estate Agent Humour

[Zoopla] 3 bedroom cottage for sale

[WTF] Wow! A three bedroom cottage that’s been built to look like a scale model of a castle! Or could it be… no, surely not… an estate agent taking misleading photos?

On Nominative Determinism #2

[BBC News] UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe is apparently not punched by colleague.

[WTF] … and the colleague’s name? Mike Hookem. Genuinely. I could make this stuff up, but why bother?

On Oxterial Uniqueness

[Soap Bottle] Kills 99.99% of bacteria!

[WTF] Always knew I was special. According to that bottle, I’m one in ten thousand.

On Excessive Speed

[Officer] So precisely why were you doing 120mph on the wrong side of the road going over a blind summit?

[WTF] Just obeying a road sign which said “Think Bike”.

On Reincarnation

[Apple] All iPhone 6’s have a “Backside Illumination Sensor“.


[WTF] Obviously an attempt by the faithful to perform a worldwide search for the next Dalai Jobs, who as everyone knows has sunshine coming out of his arse.

On Excessive Rodentage

[BBC News] Zika vaccine works very well in mice

[WTF] Awesome. What the world really needs more of right now, is mice.

On Nicola Janus Sturgeon

[Janus] … so let’s get this anti-European, xenophobic, racist nonsense out of the way once and for all; bring on the referendum and let the people decide.

[WTF] Hey, Nicola, we’re leaving!

[Janus] What? Well I’m not gonna. What do the proles know anyway? I’m leader around here and I say what happens!

[WTF] As leader of a major political party,

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